Sunday, October 01, 2006

This is for You.
This Moment.

It will be over before you know it-
This moment.
This whiff of closeness
This strangely, baffling, ease,
Of faces, soon strangers,
But faces, faces, nonetheless.
And the sound of laughter
Singing, from our own lips,
Frozen in the flicker
Of a single second,
Like a still picture you've taken,
In a secret silly birthday party,
Where everything you've always wanted
Came true and was captured
In the gleaming shine
Of your smiling eyes;
Glossy little reflections,
Discernable and yet impalpable,
As we hold on,
We hold on to each other-
How two straight lines can bend and meet
In a perfect point of connection,
Of you and of me, inseparable,
Of a short span of eternity in
This moment,
Before sharp, heavy, breaths, fog,
Before fingerprints smudge
The surface of our snow globe,
Before questions with or without answers,
(Because it no longer matters),
Before tears, before stinging insults
Raw and sour on our tongues, burn, hard,
Before lies, before deceptions, scream,
Before the noise caves in,
Lashes and rains,
Hits and whips,
Slaps us wide, wide, wide awake,
And breaks the trance, stops the dance,
And we become tired, so tired of each other,
Of everything in
This moment,
This moment and how it would not last.

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