Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The In Between

Let me lie down.
Let me lie down.
I'm afraid to stand up.
Where the only thing
that connects
to the ground
is my bare feet.
I'm afraid to fly.
I'm afraid to fall.

On a lighter note, here's something funny I wrote while trying to studying at Changi Airport's Starbucks café the other day:

Conversation with Mr Hong Kong

Upside down
are the ghosts
of strangers
who walk
in marble tiles.
Swinging hands.
Shuffling feet.
Click Clack Click.
Like my tongue
on the roof
of my mouth.
A pen tucked
behind my ear.
A magic wand.

"Girl ah! Is this chair free?"

"For a date?"

"No, is this chair free?"

"Free of charge?
I don't know.
Well you certainly
don't have to pay me."

"Are you trying
to be funny?"

Are you laughing?"

"Singapore kids..."

Everyone takes numbered flights
While I take
a flight of fancy.


Phoenix said...

..because that flight is free of cost you know, and also, more uplifting, like humour.

Damon said...

"Girl ah! Is this chair free?"

"For a date?"

"Then don't mind if I do..." :)

Faith said...

HAHA!! Hmpfff.