Monday, November 27, 2006

The crazy things we do for art.

Pictures, pictures, pictures of me.

I have morphed into a depressed Narcissist.

(And yes I'm wearing something... A swimsuit to be specific.

What's wrong with you? Hur hurr.)


Anonymous said...

so yu call tt pic of yurself art?

Anonymous said...

so yu call tt pic of yurself art? :P

paiseh forgot to add the smiley face -.-"

Damon said...

You have a tiny toilet. No wonder you're depressed. I'd feel claustrophobic in there.

(Were we expecting nudity around here? O_O Man, now I'm depressed. Haha.)

Faith said...


Nope I don't call that art. I call it what I do for art. These pictures I take are really just a starting point. Will prob post my preparatory studies and paintings if I have the time... ^^


Haha... How big a toilet do you need anyway?? But then again, I know the cathartic effects of bathing. Space is everything. Lol. Anyway, it looks bigger than it seems.

Sylvia said...

hey! who took that photo for you? or did you put it on a tripod? i actually like it (: except for the lighting ^^;; nice expression (:

Faith said...


Tripod! Haha. Babe, let's meet up soon!

ur fiancee said...

lol. looks nice

qt said...

hahha. sorry abt that qn!! lol

Paparazzi said...

nice photo! that's daring heh and a high contrast would be nice I think.