Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Happiness is when I wake up to find my dog lying warmly beside me. Happiness is when she lifts her head up a little and stares at me with the biggest loveliest eyes in the whole wide world.

Happiness is when Shu Fang says, "Hello Ms. President."

And I laugh and greet her back with, "Hello Ms. Journalist."

Happiness is playing Reversi with Sylvia at 2.03 am in the morning (and she wins, again!).

Happiness is watching a boring play with my lover as she starts to fall asleep on my shoulder. Huge sign to turn lesbian huh.

Happiness is when my crush smses me.

Happiness is when I pretend I am a star, and I take my pillow and use it as a guitar, and sing my lungs out while Maroon 5's Songs About Jane CD blasts in the background.

Happiness is when my father blurts, "Love you" before hastily putting down the phone.

Happiness is when my sister looks at me and there is a perfect and unspoken understanding and trust between us.

There is too much pain in this world that we live in. Any strand of happiness left should be instantly grabbed and cherished. Thankfully, they are found in the simplest of things.


Jingoistic said...

I do something similar when I listen to Songs About Jane as well. I do wish Maroon 5 would hurry up and release a new album!

this love has taken lift-off...

ur lover said...

ur lover is jealous abt ur crush

suicide said...

ms. president (:

lou said...

wow =)