Friday, January 12, 2007

i need
to stay
too many voices
too many words
to hear myself

i need
to ramble

in abstract

to be
simply simply
to peel
the layers
of the night

and find
a morsel
of sleep
a warm
that nobody
i'll have you
i'll say

come closer
i'll have you
i'll take you

If you think about it, the most valuable thing that you can give any person, is your time. So who do you bestow such a gift to? Your life is precious and you don't want to waste a single second of it on people who are not worth it. The irony is that right from the very beginning, you have already made the instant choice of who to love and who to turn away. The decision has already been made.

The courage to love. The strength to reject. Your heart vs your mind. You say you can't decide. You say you need someone to help you. The irony is that right from the very beginning, you have already decided to listen and trust yourself and no one else. The decision has already been made.

A friend is a lover, literally. The relationship between Latin amcus "friend" and am "I love" is clear, as is the relationship between Greek philos "friend" and phile "I love." In English, though, we have to go back a millennium before we see the verb related to friend. At that time, frond, the Old English word for "friend," was simply the present participle of the verb fron, "to love." The Germanic root behind this verb is *fr-, which meant "to like, love, be friendly to." Closely linked to these concepts is that of "peace," and in fact Germanic made a noun from this root, *frithu-, meaning exactly that. Ultimately descended from this noun are the personal names Frederick, "peaceful ruler," and Siegfried, "victory peace." The root also shows up in the name of the Germanic deity Frigg, the goddess of love, who lives on today in the word Friday, "day of Frigg," from an ancient translation of Latin Veneris dis, "day of Venus."

-The Free Dictionary by Farlex.


Anonymous said...


Seriously man


Don't GIVE your life to anyone - its yours - keep it for yourself - don't BLAME other people what you decided to do with your life. And don't worry so much.

By the way your old friend Mu Tai Dong is up for a blogging award. Miao has had a hissy fit and won't speak to us lowly Brits - Frobisher has come out as gay. Thats all the news from your friends in the UK.

someone said...

LOL! i salute u mutleythedog!

Anonymous said...

Emo girls are hawt ;)

Miao is too good for you Mutley, no wonder she's been ignoring you of late.

Btw, great meaningful post. YOu make me feel so shallow.

Anonymous said...

I am not anonymous - I posted the ott emo remarks! which now say anonymous. Also - I am sorry for being a bit rude - I am afraid it is in my nature. My friends usually forgive me - but I have lost very good friends (like Miao) through rudeness, so if I offended I apologise.

Anonymous said...

Does day of Frigg mean like "day of frigg"? smirks

Beavis and Butthead

Jingoistic said...

It seems my comment has turned anon :S (it's the one that ses emo girls r hawt)

Mutley apologising? That's something new.

JY said...

Beautiful entry. So every day of our lives are worth to be spent in love.

jy said...

I meant spending in love. (Returned my English to my teacher for that moment.)