Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I lost my wallet. I lost my IC, my ATM card, and nine dollars.

Strange how we attach a sense of ownership to our belongings.

I feel robbed and empty. I feel like something's missing.

I felt that way before my wallet vanished.

Now at least my feelings are justified.

If someone takes away something that you don't need, is that stealing?

If you give away something that you don't need, is it still a sacrifice?

After work I had supper with my dad, and I asked him to drive me to the nearest police station to make a police report. Along the way, as he was driving, he noticed a police car right next to our's. Both cars stopped as the traffic light turned red. My dad turned to me and asked, "Should we ask them for directions?"

"Ask them for what? Don't you know the way?"

"Ask them for fun."

He winded down the window and screamed at the police officer who was daydreaming, "Ay!"

No answer.


The police officer literally leaped forward, out of his seat. He looked at my dad and went, "Uh... Ya?"

"Where's the nearest police station?"

"Turn left."

As he was driving, I asked, "What did you do that for? Siao arh? Later they think you stalking them then how?"

He laughed, "I'm so poor thing. Very lonely. Cannot call, cannot sms, because everybody sleeping. Everything close down. So must talk to police."

I rolled my eyeballs, "Got SOS hotline ok. 24 hours some more. For people like you."

He shook his head, "Cannot. Not special. Must talk to police."


We need to do something insane from time to time, in order to keep sane.

The other night I ran in my socks, skidding across the smooth marble floor, my twin sister wearing my comfortable nike shoes, as we raced to catch the last train. Her boyfriend stood outside the entrance waiting for us, as if by standing there, he could stop the train from leaving. We made it, all out of breath and laughing ourselves silly.

That was how I lost my wallet by the way.


debx* said...

JIA LAT. next time. we. take. cab.

mometasone said...

I think ive said it before but ill say again that your dad sounds soo cool. :D

lost said...

WAAA >!!! I am impressed lor!!! TALK TO POLICE SIA!! WOOTS! i want to do that as well! but grr.. no chance.. lost IC is big deal lei.. hope the person who picked it up will return..

7 sheep said...

Ur dad rox!

kevin. said...

hey! you can't be sure that you lost yr wallet while we were running for e train la! it might have been lost somewhere in e airport during my time at work! lalala.