Sunday, April 15, 2007

I was re-reading my archives the other day (which I took down at the start of this year for private reasons). A lot of entries hit me harder than I thought they would- the things I wrote, the things I felt, the things I saw, the way I viewed myself now as compared to the way I saw myself in the past. Click here, here, here, to read some of the entries to know what I'm talking about. (Erm you'll be referred back to the main page when you click those links, so just click on 'blog'.) A lot of what I wrote made me cringe with pain. Goodness I was sooo immature and emotional! A lot of the memories are still fresh with wounds. But the thing that striked me most was the fact that, man, I've come a looonng way! I didn't know. I didn't realize. I forgot. And on looking back, I can see how far He has brought me. Yes, I still have problems. Yes, I still have fears. But I made it this far. I didn't make it this far just to give up. Thank you Jesus. I'm still alive. :) And thank you, you reading this, for having been a part of my life, for walking with me, if only for a short distance. :) Hehe my blog is becoming a notice board. Eh but at least I update! :p


lionel said...

Gosh, you are back home at 4:48pm? so early la?!!?! nvm... btw, those archives aren't immature.. they are ur heartfelt feelings at that time and reflects the situation then. When we grow up, and see new solutions to the same prob, we feel that we were immatured, but believe me, whatever we did before was the best decision we made at that point in time. Cheer up (cause you cheered me up)!

Damon said...

I've always loved the picture in the first one, though I still think the first story in that post was quite harrowing. Unfortunately I wasn't around for the other two, so I reckon I can't comment on that :)

I think you do treat your blog as some sort of diary more than a notice board. Herein lies its value... at least when you look back, you have some insight into how you thought and put things into perspective. Things always seem silly in the past, but your feelings and emotions always seem more beautiful then.