Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy Birthday.

So, I'm 20. What a big number, somehow. Have been self-consciously staring at myself in the mirror these days wondering if I look older or something. Nope... Just longer hair? Haha. I got bored the other night and took a quick picture of myself and sat down to paint. It mattered to me that I looked 'honest' somehow? That there was no pretense or make-up. I think it looked more like a solemn sad passport photo though. And yea I know the picture quality sucks. Heh. I was suddenly afraid that I had lost the ability to paint, after 6 months or more of leaving my paintbrushes to rot in some dusty corner of the house. And its funny but I think I was so hungry for colours that I painted the whole spectrum of a rainbow for a face. Haha. I was also amused by how I saw myself. Hmmmm. Shall leave it as that.

Anyway, although it was a Monday, and I had to work, I had fun! Thank YOU, for all the messages, gifts, efforts and time spent with me. You have no idea at all, how surprised and grateful I am that anyone would bother with what would otherwise be just another ordinary day. Your presences and thoughts were more than enough.

It is marvellously wonderful to be remembered.

It is marvellously wonderful to be loved. :)


Damon said...

Happy birthday! I'm one day late though. :P

Funny how I can remember your birthday when it comes to filling forms and how I can't remember when it's actually here. Bleah. Will get you something when we meet again. Won't sing a song though, so you can relax. lol.

mometasone said...

Is there a plural to "presence" though?
Just asking..