Friday, July 20, 2007

Note to self:

People will keep letting you down. People will betray you, time after time. Especially those close to you. Especially those you love. After a while, after it happens too many times, you will get used to it, and then you will stop feeling anything at all. So be thankful each time it happens, because you reach complete immunity much faster. And each time it happens, savour the experience and the pain, not self-sadistically, but with courage, because it makes you stronger and it lets you learn lessons which will make you become a better person.

Never spend too much time with a person. Particularly the wrong person. (But how will you ever know? Is there such a thing as a 'wrong' or 'right' person?) Every person you meet is an unpredictable gamble, so be open but very, very, careful. You form emotional attachments and memories which may affect logical thinking. You give him or her the vital opportunity to influence your character, and to affect you personally and hurt you. So be careful with who you give your heart to.

Never trust or depend on anyone. If you have to, go ahead, but never trust or depend on anyone completely. Give them the space to fail you and make mistakes, but hope they never have to.

Never believe in promises. If they are kept, it is good. If they are not, you have nothing to lose.

Take everything with a pinch of salt. (Particularly all of these words. I'm in a cynical yet benevolent mood. Don't know how that works!)

Love yourself. And not in that egocentric way, but in a confident and assured manner. Be kind and true to yourself. If you don't love you, no one else will. You are the best example of how people should treat you and love you, so show the world who you are, what you've got and what you're made of.

Never expect any human being to love you more than you love yourself. Never expect any human being to fill up that missing piece or gap in your heart. Be whole, and happy, on your own, and lead a wonderful life. As you do so, allow others to join you and celebrate your life with you. (So Oprah!)

Be grateful. Be optimistic. Things could be so much worse than this.

Hold your chin up!

Never go down without a fight!

Despite whatever problems and difficulties you face, despite anything, and everything, you are doing GREAT, and you are PHENOMENAL, and you are WORTHY, and no one, no one at all, can touch that, even if they want to, even if they try.

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