Thursday, December 04, 2008

I watched this on Discovery Channel. There is an ancient tribe in a land far far away, where women cut themselves in order to look beautiful. From an early age of five, they are taught to use pointed blades to carve their skins and make red ribbons out of their flesh. They are taught exactly how, to dig sharp objects into the sides of their stomachs in order to create more sexually appealing scars. The more scars they have, the more pain they can take, the more marriageable they become. This is because they show that they can be as strong as men and thus can support their future husbands.

Actually, we do the exact same thing- we hurt ourselves to feel beautiful too. But for all the wrong reasons. (Even if the reasons are right, does it make it right??) Sometimes we cut ourselves physically to take the psychological pain away. It makes us feel good about ourselves. And then there are the worse cases, where we hurt ourselves internally, but still look perfect and whole on the outside. Little pretty porcelain dolls with vacant eyes.

Maybe it is how you see it that matters most.

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