Sunday, December 28, 2008

One of my greatest fears is vulnerability- that agonizing fear that I will find myself unable to live without someone else (absolutely beautiful, yet tragic), as if something was terribly wrong, as if something was palpably missing, and you walk around with this incompleteness, or rather, with this added element, this intrusion, of unbearable aching underneath your skin; that excruciatingly naked exposure of who you truly are to someone who has the capacity to exploit it.

Vulnerability (also known as, how to allow yourself to fall in love).

I am tempted to jump into some philosophical lyrical talk, but tonight I want to try and keep my sentences simple:

I could hold anybody's hand. I choose to hold your hand. I could lean on anybody's shoulder. I choose to lean on your shoulder. I choose to be with you. And so I am ready to be heartbroken. I am also ready for the reverse.

I am ready to take a leap of faith.

Here we go, darling.

No pride. No games. Just you and me. Very plain. Very simple. (And I hope it will be enough.)

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