Friday, August 07, 2009

people always tell me that if you don't love yourself, no one else will. or that you have to love yourself in order for other people to love you. i don't believe in telling people to love and accept themselves, because it's all just words to me. it's easy for people to tell you to love yourself. but how? and why??

i never loved or accepted myself until i saw how a perfect stranger could be so utterly crazy about me. i think i learned from there, how to adore myself too. it's okay that you might potentially be bipolar, it's okay that your mood is dependent on how good your hair looks, its okay that you fucking hate school (that you use vulgarities), that you flirt with boys (and girls), that your breasts are completely flat and your black circles are getting darker and you're oversensitive and every time you say it doesn't matter, it actually matters like hell to you.

i love you, for you (whatever that means, even if what it entails changes day after day after day).
i love you anyway.

maybe that's the way it works. that you show people just how much you love and accept them, so that they'll learn how to love and accept themselves too.

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