Tuesday, September 01, 2009

How to get your boyfriend to do things for you:

I say, "I'm thirsty."

He says, "Thought you went to the kitchen just now."

"Yah, to pee."

"Then after that why you never get yourself a drink."

"I forgot."

"Hmpf. Ownself get."

"But I'm lazy."

"I'm lazy too."

"Oh. Last time my boyfriend always gets me a drink. Now he ask me to ownself get. Things have changed."

He frowns, "Your boyfriend? Hmm... Who's your boyfriend??"

"The one who brought me to Batam and made tea for me."

He smiles, "I made tea for you in Batam??? How come. I don't remember."

"Yah. When you were chasing me. After I came out of the shower you said, 'I made tea for you. It's on the table. Come and drink.' I said, 'How you know I like tea??' Then I was very happy. That was so long ago."

He laughs, "Okay, okay finee..." He leaves the room. 5 minutes later he comes back with a hot cup of very sweet tea.

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