Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm itching for an excuse to wear something outrageous and look gorgeous, and most importantly, feel gorgeous, for a day. I want to go bra-less for a change man! Instead of always wearing my boy's t-shirt and secondary school shorts and old rubber slippers, fringe pushed up with a black plastic hairband while I stress over all the shitty homework that I'm forced to do, and stare at my laptop for hours and hours non-stop. I want to go somewhere pretty and know that in the event that I do trip in my awfully sexayy high heels, my baby will be there to sweep me off my feet anyway (with band-aids for the blisters of course).


Damon said...

I support this 100%.

Anonymous said...

i love the 2nd outfit omggggg.

양사민 estelwen said...

braless hahaha singapore leh HARLOWWW