Tuesday, September 29, 2009

(my body is acting as though its on a hangover. 6am is sleepy sleep time and i wake up when my boy ends work and the world unfurls like a desert flower, ferociously beautiful but short-lived, and the sky descends into shades of violet and indigo. the moon is small but very bright, half-covered by feathery clouds. i stand in the middle of the road sometimes and count the seconds that lapse till a car comes. the night breeze is, as always, sensational. i could live for this alone.

school feels like an external activity- distant, insipid, fade. i don't feel like doing anything at all and i know i will regret this like i always do because there's so much work to do but i don't even have the strength to consider regrets at this moment. i'm caught up in my own head which feels as though its floating in outerspace, going, "ah ah ahhh... lalala... la la..." strangely disconnected from the rest of my long heavy limbs.)

I swear, this song was written while high on euphoria:

Each moment is new
And breeds a moment
Each moment is cool
And breeds a moment

I wouldn't wanna be
Anywhere else but... here
I wouldn't wanna change
Anything at all
(Anything oh I..)

I wouldn't wanna take
Everything out on... you
Though I know I do
(Although I know I do)
Every time I fall

Day dreaming
Chain smoking
Always laughing
Always joking
I remain the same
Did I tell you that I love you

-Black Coffee by All Saints.

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