Thursday, December 17, 2009

List of things to buy:

1) Iphone for my mum.
2) Ipod for my dad.
3) Microphone for his dad.
4) Microwave for his mum.
5) Shampoo!
6) And shaving cream!
7) And cardigan!
8) And a nice tote bag in just the perfect size and material with the perfect artsy print and strap length for him.
9) Mac make-up brushes for my sister.
10) Striped t-shirt.
11) Bag that doesn't weigh a ton on it's own.
12) Lots and lots of shorts!

Now I just need to wait for money to fall from the sky.

1 comment:

Seo Kyung said...

Wait for Chinese New Year to come. Miao here, using my friend's account.