Thursday, December 24, 2009

The taiwan trip has been good so far. My elder sister and my dad are like two tigers on a mountain, and you know that you can never have two tigers on a mountain- says my mum. They want to go exactly where they want to go, and do what they want to do, and the rest of the family just follows.

I do not really care where we go. It is nice, just being together. Sometimes at night we lie on the bed- we joined two single beds together- and we talk about our childhood days. I used to force my sisters to call me Miss Orange, and I would teach a sea of soft toys how to spell and how to count when back then I couldn't even spell or count properly. I put small circular batteries inside my nose and on the way to the hospital I sneezed them out in front of my petrified mother. I stuck a pen inside my ear and the ink leeked out and turned the inside of my ear blue. I liked to put foreign and dirty objects (picked up from the floor) inside my mouth. I was lactose intolerant but insisted on drinking milk and eating ice cream and then later vomiting all of it out. I peed on the bed frequently and could never hold my bladder very well. (Still can't). I told everyone that I was very pretty, and tried to convince my maid to take a cab down with me to TCS (now known as Mediacorp) because I was too pretty to be true. I enjoyed taking pictures of myself. When my dad whipped out his gigantic and complicated camera, I would stand in the middle and use my two arms to push everyone aside. I thought Xie Shao Guang was cute. In short, I was a walking and living hazard, but they loved me nonetheless and they still love me now.

Family can be a pain the ass. I have cried countless tears over each and every one of them. They have driven me to the brink of hopelessness and death, but they have also lifted me up in ways unimaginable. The dearest of friends, they come and go. I have lost too many friends. And those who stay, (for some miraculous reason, they stay), they become family. And family, family sticks man :)

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