Thursday, January 21, 2010

This week (and the week hasn't even ended!), I learnt that:

You need to give people a reason to like you and respect you as a human being, but you don't need to give them any reason to hate you because they'll come up with a hundred reasons on their own.

People genuinely do want to see other people do well in life. People genuinely do feel happy for other people's successes.

One person's joy, is another person's sorrow. Always be grateful and thankful for what you have and who you have and appreciate it.

(I should make my boyfriend angry with me more often. Every time he gets angry with me, he gets angry with himself for getting angry with me. The end result being, I get to eat all my favourite food in one day! Sashimi! Ice cream! Chocolate! I'm drooling. I shall stop here.)

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