Monday, March 22, 2010

so exhausting just pretending to care.

it is less painful to stab a fork into the back of my hand than it is to put a smile on my face and talk to pee-pearl peeper people who make me feel so sick i wanna throw up all the time and dig my fingernails deep into my face and claw the whole thing off; scratch the surface of my eyeballs, tear those pupils out so i can't see anything anymore and my ears what do i do with my ears so i won't hear all those things anymore and hold my heart with my hands and squeeze it so hard it bursts like a blood-loaded balloon because i'm so fucking disgusted of being a part of the whole human race.

please see me through.

don't let them get to me.


1 comment:

wl said...

HAHAHHA sounds like a horror movie. hey go and google SCUM manifesto!!!! damn funny!!!!! i just learnt this is my film class today!!!