Thursday, February 24, 2011

Half the blogs I 'follow' have either been deleted or have gone permanently stagnant. It makes me feel sad and somewhat abandoned. It is as though I was having an on-off telephone conversation with a friend that lasted for years, and suddenly, without warning, the line gets cut and the voice on the other end disappears. Hello? Where did you go? Please, talk again.

What do we have as proofs of our existence? Dead blogs filled with random rants, faded photographs we don't even remember taking, distorted memories and the occasional thought that drifts in with the wind of someone from out of the blue- Hello. How are you? I remember you. 


양사민 estelwen said...

awwww so sweet. lol

amaranta said...

Ms President,

I suppose I'm one of them too :S

Faith said...




Where have you been! WRITE PLEASE, WRITE MORE AND KEEP WRITING. You write so beautifully.