Saturday, September 24, 2005

Another one, because I got bored.

Title: Back To Square One

Hello, so you are back to square one.
Each new sun piles a new layer of ageless skin.
Each new layer of skin is thicker and harder than the previous new layer of thick and hard skin.
Wear a blouse of needles upon your flesh merrily.
Start to strangle and suffocate yourself wearily.

The weight becomes too cumbersome.
You wear a fat coat in a sudden slow summer,
and yet you are still so very very cold.
Your hands are freezing.
You bleed silently beneath what you mean to be.
There are dormant cracks with no amends.

Why are you crying?
Break down, break down, collaspe into unwinding oblivion.
Fall down, fall down, shatter into an unloving sensation.
Cry out, cry out, but no one will hear you cry out.
Are you afraid?
Dig my own hole and bury myself alive you said.
What if the only biggest mistake you made,
was the very first human breath one could take?

The darkness is falling faster than before.
The moon has fallen asleep,
after all the tears it has sipped.
There are no stars tonight.
So you are back to square one. Hello.