Monday, September 19, 2005

Did this yesterday, a Sunday, at the Botanical Gardens. Click on the image to see a larger version of it. I know it sucks. I didn't manage to put in the details for all the areas, which is annoying me incessantly. What is even more annoying would be the fact that I've attached some irrational sentimental value to it, and so here I am, parading my ugly baby around. You got a problem with that? Hah. It's hard to draw and paint when little kids are surrounding you. You would think it's cute. It isn't. It's not. They whisper to each other, "Not nice... Mummy, I can't see. What is she painting?" I just want to die. A five year old kid crushed my confidence level. Wahaha. :P I shan't tell you what I was drawing. Would demoralize me completely, if not, futher than I already am. The sun set halfway, and I was forced to use my imagination to complete it. Ah wells. AEP dearies will know we shall conveniently call this semi-abstract, yes? Heh. Yes. Anyway, it's a beautiful, absolutely serene and surreal place. You should go there. Especially the little pink water lilies floating gracefully on the green and a tat brown lake, and the circles of lily pads dancing around the water like scattered stars all around. I'm going back there first thing after my promos. Anyone up for it? And we shall have a picnic! :D


moo said...

i think it's beautiful! but the colourful dabs of colours are...the shimmering effect of the pond under the light??hahaa..okay sorry if i got it wrong.hmm,but it does look aesthetically pleasing!haha.

qt said...

yar!it nice wad!! pointilism. it shines lorx. eh, i wanna go there. haaa