Thursday, September 22, 2005

She said, "People think highly of you. That's the standard they set for themselves."

Let me tell you the standard you are setting for yourself:

1) Sleep at absolutely irregular timings. For example, at 2 am on one day, and 8 pm on the other. Alternatively, take short naps of a period of about two hours long each throughout the day, and walk around like a zombie trying to figure out whether you're actually dreaming or living. Another alternative would be pretending that you are a dead corpse- deluding yourself so much so that you actually become a temporal dead corpse. For example, I came home at 8.30 pm and slept all the way until now, which is 4 am. Count the number of hours I have slept. OMG. And no one is awake at this hour and online as of yet. Duh of course.

2) Eat at absolutely irregular timings. For example, do not eat breakfast, do not eat lunch, and eat dinner only at 2 am. Alternatively, eat a slight breakfast, eat an extremely heavy lunch at 7 pm, and convince yourself that it's both simultaneously lunch and dinner.

3) Daydream. Be so indulged in your own private world 3/4 of the time that when you realized someone has asked you the exact same question three to four times, you can just blink your eyes and go, "Huh???" To which the standard fed-up reply would be, "Arrggh... I give up on you. So blur."

4) Not study for the promos. I just started recently as other personal matters kept me back (no puh lease it's nothing to do with er hem). Have not even touched Measure for Measure, read only half of Persuasion, read only the first unit of unit 2 of European History's Industrialism, Liberalism and Nationalism, read only 2 lecture notes for Mao's SEA, 1 lecture note for Tan's SEA, and am aware of an impending death so depressing and compelling and yet interestingly am not afraid at all even in the tiniest bit. That's right. Since I have studied so little, there is nothing you should fear, all my blog readers out there. Fear is sometimes good as it propels you forward. I have none of it whatsoever. What I have is a strong understanding of what is to come, but realisation so does not equate to action. Holy strawberries.

Friend: "If you retain this year, how old will you be when you graduate?"

Me: "@.@ OH SHIT."

Friend, grinning from ear to ear: "That's right. Twenty."

So you still think highly of me? Hah. Can't believe I have just dedicated an entry on degrading myself, but seriously, I think you guys are very... ... cute, and thank you!

I don't know why people tend to fall into this trend of thinking that a certain person is perfect because he or she is popular, friendly, excels in studies, am eloquent, etc. I am not referring to myself here but to people in general. I don't know why they want to be anybody else but themselves. Guess what? We all fart, excrete shit, urinate, vomit, and *gasps* die. Welcome to the real world.

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Anonymous said...

i'm tired of life, sick of life, life is shit life is bitch... come censor this tag... hurhur... i wanna fly!!! yeahhh. miss u so much. haven talked to u for like.. hmmm... 4 days? so long.. take care
i'm a lousy friend... i'm so so srry.. take care... dun stress... i know u will be so dun.. :)
*e insane & broken hearter* *estel is a piece of crap*