Sunday, October 16, 2005

Arrrr why are all my entries so depressing suddenly? I think I could drive one to commit suicide even before I myself do it. Ok ok, shall stop. The depression ends here baby. Stress is cliche.

Anyway, went out with Wei Qi yesterday, and it was quite fun. He's a great friend to go out with! I have to give him a trophy for being able to deal with a very very blur and very very quiet girl. And to be honest, I kept feeling like sleeping. Er hem. That stupid guy... ... ... Since I'm so very very bored right now, I shall write down the reason why Wei Qi sucks. He just sucks.


(Note: This private information was put together out of sheer boredom and self-amusement, at the expense of the person who sucks, but let's be very honest with ourselves here and tell me, who cares about that sucker anyway. :P Have fun. This could be quite boring to read since I'm typing without really thinking. Enjoy yourself.)


I was wondering why a crazy soccer fan like him wouldn't want to watch Goal!. I thought he was trying to be polite and sacrificial to want to watch Flight Plan instead. And in response to his trying to be polite and sacrificial, I decided to insist that we watch Goal!. So we quarrled all the way to the counter. We even played Scissors Paper Stone, which of course I won since suckers don't win, and I even selected the seats for the movie Goal! already, and he still kept insisting we watch Flight Plan.

"Faith, watch Flight Plan."

"Don't want. Watch Goal!"

"Watch Flight Plan lar."

"Watch Goal!"

"Flight Plan..."

"What's wrong with you??? Watch Goal!"

Just as we were about to pay the money for the tickets, he suddenly blurted out, "I watched Goal! already."

WHAT THE... ... ...


And I still thought you were trying to be nice...

And he still tried to justify himself, "No but if you want to watch Goal!, I don't mind watching it a second time."

Yea right.


We were sharing this chocolate rum and raisin drink, and I was telling him, "You know, I used to have this friend who kept insisting on sharing a drink with me. And then I kept refusing and trying to find excuses, 'cause she has Hepatitis B, and its transmissible through saliva."

He kept very quiet and said, "Faith. I have something to tell you."

I looked at him worriedly, "What?"

"I. have. Hepatitis B."

He didn't even laugh!!!! There was no doubt in my mind that he was being very serious and honest. I was thinking to myself, "Oh my god. But I just shared drink with you." But I was still VERY nice to him okay! I was so concerned for him, and I felt so guilty, and I said, "Ar Wei Qi I'm so sorry!!! Oh my god. Are you offended?"

He started laughing to himself, "Of course I don't have lar! Where got so coincidental wan..."

WAH LAU... ... -_-"


And I am NOT gullible okay. He doesn't even know how to go to the toilet! We were inside the movie theatre:

Wei Qi: (Looks at me, points to the left) This one is Female.
(Points to the right) This one is Male.

Immediately right after that, without even waiting for me to explain to him that they were not Male and Female washrooms with many toilet cubicles in them but just two single unisex toilet cubicles, he tried to pull open the toilet door when someone was still inside using it!

Tell me, who's the one that's gullible???

The point, in case you haven't gotten it, is NOT that:

Wei Qi sucks

But basically that:

Faith RAWKS.


Anonymous said...

watever lor!!


Anonymous said...

bully my fiancee... wanna die earlier arh

qt said...

hahha. amusing entry!!