Monday, October 17, 2005

I think the promos are scary. They make people want to kill themselves. I think people are scary. They want to kill themselves just because of the promos, and I think that's so very stupid. Wake up. You think you're in pain? So you screwed up. You're not the only one. Wake up. Because you're not alone. I believe that there is a thin line between self-pity, and decent worry over your results. I hope you stop sulking. Because if your life hangs on numbers, you should jolly well just hang yourself and be a number. There's more to life than the promos.

Stop talking about pain and hurt and what not. Start talking about laughter and joy instead. Why do you take it for granted every single time you laugh heartily? Why do you put so much emphasis on every single tiny little heartbreak? Maybe you're wrong. Maybe you've been putting too much emphasis on the wrong things, and neglecting what should be emphasized instead. Maybe you don't realize it, because I hardly realize it too, but every time you talk about your depression, you make others feel depressed as well. Maybe it's just me, but I feel that that's very selfish. Especially when you keep on brooding over the same things over and over again when you should have moved on from it. I believe that there is a thin line between self-pity, and decent worry for your life. There's more to life than that guy, or that girl, or that betrayal. Shut up. Wake up. I don't want to hear you keep on whining and lamenting as if you're the only one who goes through all these when you're not. You're not the only one okay, so stop acting like nobody understands you and you're this poor little thing all alone in this world, waiting to die, or whatever crap you've come up with.

Got back my promo results today. So the end of the world didn't arrive today. It must be late. Hooray.

My art teachers are really very cute. They told me that I apparently tried to "smoke" my way through art history by trying to bluff them with my "very good language ability" to give me marks. They said I supposedly made it seem like I had substantial points and evidences in my essays when I didn't. Erm.... I was trying to smoke my way through art history, I won't deny, but attempting to use English to trick them? Now that's a first. And I'm serious, that was never my intention. Funny funny.

I'm actually quite pleased with my Literature marks, even though my other subjects have failed me atrociously, or rather, I have failed them atrociously. My Literature teacher, Mrs Gan, wrote this comment on my paper, "Well done! A very substantial Faith-Standard!"

What is a "Faith-Standard"???

It's damn nice to know that there is such a thing though. :P

Si Min, I hope you're okay. >.< Take care, you crazy woman.


Anonymous said...

simin is ok... not dead, not alive either... just wallowing in self pity as usual i guess... a pathetic creature...thanks for ur concern :)

Faith said...